Ongoing COVID19 Updates

News, Updates and Schedule Changes for WPBC family regarding COVID19

Online Content and Streaming our Service

Greetings Church Family!

I hope by now most folks are aware of our plan to move our worship services to online only for the near future. What we wanted to do today is make sure that everyone has simple instructions on how to access that content. We're making it as easy as possible. Just go to and click the Video Content card (2nd row, 1st card). We'll have our service embedded there and ready for streaming and viewing. We will also send out another email the morning of with a link and we'll be posting on Facebook as well. In fact, we already have a couple of other videos on that page (including a devotional video for today) if you wanted to go there now and check it out!

We'll not only be streaming/uploading full worship services for you all to paricipate in at home but also devotional and worship content and video updates from staff and church leaders. We really hope that during this time we can help keep everyone connected and spiritually thriving. Feel free to reach out to us at the office by phone to get tech help. We're also looking at options of creating physical worship and devotional DVD's for folks to enjoy without internet access.

You can find this and other updates by checking out

Thank you church family! We appreciate you all so much and know that even if we're not gathered in the building together they way we would wish we are still God's Church at work out in the world.


An update on Giving and Tithing online

Greetings Church Family!

We have to say, even though we enthusiastically and full-heartedly support social distancing measures to help keep our community safe, we are more than a little disappointed about having to move services to an online format. One small aspect of that is the way it is likely to affect giving. Our church has put in serious work over the last six months to get financially healthy and you all have been amazing. We've pushed through a difficult time and landed at some important stability. Unfortunately, these changing circumstances could make it difficult to keep up that momentum.

So to try and keep our church family financially as well as physically healthy, we are asking folks to review some of our easy options for remote and online giving.

To give online:

-Go to

-Click on the Giving card (middle space 3rd row)

-Scroll down and click “Give Online by Clicking Here”

-This will direct you to ShelbyNext Online Giving.

-Choose Sign in (if you are a member) or choose Give Now

-You can select memo lines like “Tithe” or “Faith Without Borders”

-Then enter your desired amount and card info (Shelby is highly secure and safe to use)

-If you sign in, all online giving will be registered to your giving account.

To give on your phone:

-Open your app store and install the Shelby Next Giving app.

-You can search for our church either by our Zip Code 64506 or by name.

-Sign in with your Shelby Giving account or create an account.

-Click the Give Now button.

-Choose an amount, input your information and click submit.

And of course you can continue to give by dropping checks off in person (if you are safe to do so) Monday – Thursday 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Or you can mail them to Wyatt Park Baptist Church, 2902 N. Leonard Rd., Saint Joseph, MO 64506.

We deeply appreciate your continuing support in this time. God and this Church are still at work and we will continue to be so.

Thank You,


An Important WPBC Update (3/18/20)

Greetings Church Family,

In these strange and unprecedented times all of us are having to step up in new and different ways than ever before. After much deliberation and prayerful consideration, our Wyatt Park Baptist leadership has decided to move all upcoming services to digital only. We are also canceling or postponing all on-site church events, including A Spring Awakening and Game Night. We feel that this is the best way to protect our church family and to show the love of Christ for our most vulnerable neighbors. Church Council, staff and other leaders will evaluate the ongoing situation again on April 7th.

We're being very careful in our language here. Services are moving online. But this doesn't mean Church is canceled. Even if the rest of the time we occasionally get loose about our terminology, Church isn't a building we go to or an event we attend. It is a thing we are. Church goes on. Worship, Discipleship, Prayer, Love, these things go on. We will continue to be the Church, lifting one another up and demonstrating the love of Christ, even if we can't stand shoulder to shoulder.

We are coordinating with our excellent technology, teaching and worship leaders to provide not only full worship service videos each Sunday but also devotional and worship resources to help keep us focused on God and connected to one another during these difficult times. You will always be able to find these resources at and on the church Facebook page. We will also periodically send emails with updates and links to the most recent resources.

Though we can't meet in person, this is a time for the Church to truly be the Church. Call, email, text, Facebook, reach out to one another especially those who live alone in our congregation and our community. If you know of anyone who does not receive email, please reach out and help keep them up to date.

We are praying for all of you and for our world during this time. Please stay home and stay safe.

-Wyatt Park Baptist Church

A letter from Church Leadership (3/14/20)

Greetings Church Family,

We are living in times that have quickly grown more complicated and worrying than we had anticipated. As we have faced our own challenges as a congregation, we have also fallen into larger challenges that will affect our whole community, our whole world. Many of you are feeling the anxiety and fear of these days, worries for family and health and livelihood. But as God told the Israelites before the Promised Land:

 I hereby command you: Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

God is with us in these difficult times. It is our task to be faithful, to show the love of God through our actions.

Our church leadership is closely monitoring the ongoing situation in St. Joseph, Missouri and Kansas. We are preparing contingency plans for a number of different scenarios, plans to keep all of you safe and do our part to keep our community safe while still providing worship and discipleship opportunities in other forms.

We will be meeting together for worship this Sunday, 1/15 as usual. We will have both Sunday School and our regular Service.

We are also looking at plans for the weeks ahead. All upcoming events and activities will be carefully considered and potentially postponed or canceled as the situation emerges, including further Sunday mornings. We will go over our alternative worship and giving plans this Sunday but you can also always find the most up to date information on this page. We will strive to be as communicative as possible during this time, sharing information through email, Facebook and phone trees as well.

We also ask that everyone please give it your all in observing good practices during this time. Minimize unnecessary outings and physical contact, wash your hands frequently with soap. If you are feeling unwell or have any sort of preexisting health issue please be extra cautious. You are hereby given permission to stay home from any and all church functions without guilt. Even if you teach a class or serve on a team just let us know you will be gone so we can cover it. Your health and safety is our top concern.

Please continue to pray for our town and our community, especially those who are most vulnerable to illness and those whose vocations demand that they continue to work for the safety and good of us all.

-Colby Whittaker